Conni's World of Flying:

This is is a new section, dedicated to flying. For now it will be quite short, detailing only a recent VFR (Visual Flight Rules) trip I did with Stefan out of Egelsbach, south of Frankfurt, but in time I hope to add a little "ask the pilot" part.

For now, here are just a few pictures from our little trip in the Cessna 152 D-EYKB, belonging to Panorama Flug. The weather was looking quite promising in the morning, so after a quick phone call I plotted a course, dug out my old CRP-5 Flight Computer and drew-up a flight plan. I have since come across the website FL95, which offers an excellent VFR flight planning tool for Germany, free of charge. This, and many other useful sites are linked from our friends website
I hope you like these new pages and check back for future developments.

All ready for take-off The Frankfurt skyline from 1500' Circling overhead the Ronneburg On short final Runway 27 at Egelsbach Enjoy!