Travel the World:

We have just come back from a three-week holiday to Cuba, and decided that we must really work on our website a bit more. You see we've realised that now Diane's had her digital camera for two years we have taken over 4 Giga Bytes of pictures, and we just don't get round to sorting them, getting prints done and making a conventional photo album. Our website is our album, after having met other people on this holiday again that do the same, here we go in a new spurt of commitment. We hope you enjoy looking through our albums!

We've split our travel section into Cities and Tours:
Cities gives you a snapshot of places we've done day trips to, whereas Tours sum up entire holidays. But as with Paris and Hong Kong, Tours can be to just one place we've spent a bit more time.

We also have a postcard gallery of postcards friends and family have sent us. (This is where we are probably breaking all copyright laws...). They are currently not ordered geographically or anything clever like that, but merely reverse chronologically. Which means, if you've just sent us a card it will probably feature near the top. (Hint, hint!). By the way, obscene postcards (if the mailman doesn't keep them for himself) won't be posted - please refer to our disclaimer at the bottom